Medical Observership Program



The medical attachment involves a structured training program aimed at providing extensive exposure to General Practice in the UK. The candidate will be assigned a clinical tutor who will oversee the attachment period and provide support where needed. The tutor will be a fully qualified general practitioner  with extensive experience in tutoring and mentoring medical students and trainee doctors in the UK.
The Medical attachment includes:
•  Each student will have a named clinical tutor who will oversee and supervise his or her training over the attachment period. This involves one to one experts, mentoring and tutoring in the real work environment.
•  Core-competency skill training.
• Training in minor surgery [subject to availability - we recommend earlier enrolling on the medical attachment program to maximise availability].
• Exposure to real patient handling.
• Essential interpersonal and communication skills.
• A structured timetable maximising your learning and development.
• Necessary skills to gain new employment opportunities or further career development.
• The opportunity to attend accredited medical short courses [subject to availability - we recommend earlier enrolling on the medical attachments program to maximise availability to attend the credited medical short courses]
• Observing joint and supervise surgeries.
• Involvement in patient home visits.
• Exposure to other disciplines in general practice medicines.
• Training in various examination procedures.
• Training in auditing and administration of real patient cases.
• Essential work experience for employment opportunities or further career development.
• Certification of completion of attachment training program from tutor.
• Work experience reference for candidate for better career prospects.
• Ongoing support and guidance from tutor regardless of completion of attachment
• Opportunity to enrol on the medical attachment on a future date to enhanced knowledge and skills in a real UK work environment.




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