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UKMDO is a UK based company that specialises in providing specialist Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical training  attachment to overseas medical and dental trainees and students.
The training programmes have been designed to give candidates
exposure to the UK Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical practices in the
United Kingdom. The training programs has been tailor made to bring
together theory and practice in real professional working situations.
Trainees will have exposure to real life situations enhancing their learning
and skills in their respective discipline - dental, medical and pharmacy. The training program will also enhance candidates profiles for employment or to better carrier goals.
If your are a medical or dental university and you would like to include our medical and dental training program as part of your degree program, please contact us today.
If you are a student / trainee dentist or doctor and would like to enrol on a medical or dental program as part of your career development, please contact us today.
If you are a qualified dentist or doctor who would like to enhance their career opportunities and progression by enrolling on this course, contact us today.
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Tel:  +44 7951 255 711